Right Where They Want You

Those with little shame those with nothing.

It’s all the rage these days to post stuff like this on social media:

This happens even as we try to exit a pandemic that has reeked havoc on millions and roiled the economy.

It’s the classic example of the wealthy conning the average Joe and Jane to blame the least fortunate for their perceived woes.

Real wage growth has been stagnant for decades and wages these days have the same purchasing power they did 40 years ago, around the time that union membership began to decline.

But conservatives and right-wing Christian evangelicals have their bobble-heads attacking the unemployed like rats in a cannibal-frenzy.

This is my 45th straight year of employment, luckily I have never needed to apply for unemployment compensation; it would never even occur to me to criticize those who need it.

It’s surely a sign of pathetic insecurity when your ego boost comes from attacking those who have fallen on hard times allowing you to consider yourself as especially hardworking and virtuous.

I wonder if it has even occurred to those who criticize that they automatically assume the unemployed are guilty?

People who criticize the unemployed as a way of explaining their own economic misfortune should join a union or work to strengthen the one they are in.

Trump and the preachers would hate it but your savings account would be much the better for it.

Make Jesus of Nazareth happy, stop blaming the poor and unfortunate.


Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor