IAFF Subpoena: Gorman Weighs In

Eric Lamar
2 min readJan 14, 2022

Who benefited from the press?

Pete Gorman

Gorman is referring to a federal subpoena and ensuing press coverage which had interesting timing:

The subpoenas were issued on Nov. 29th, but the story breaks six weeks later during ALTS and just after Eric Lamar’s blog? Looks like another IAFF rat has contacted the press. Who could it be this time? Hope the Board will get to the bottom of this one. Here comes another investigation paid by us, the members. But don’t expect the Board to share it with the membership. Without the rats the members would still be in the dark.

By the way, Edzo, Schaitberger and the useless vice presidents love to call anyone who talks of IAFF corruption a “rat”, unless, of course, it applies to them when they leak to the press or trash someone, a fact not lost on Gorman.

The story broke when a large audience of IAFF leaders would be assembled together for the first time in many months.

And it certainly portrays Harold Schaitberger in a very negative light, not exactly a tough challenge given his odious conduct.

So, who at the IAFF benefits from generating or promoting negative press about Harold Schaitberger?

Or rather, who in the past has generated negative press about Harold Schaitberger?

Ed Kelly, of course.

Kelly, through an intermediary, if not also directly, shopped his 100+ page initial report about Schaitberger to the Wall Street Journal and they bit — hard.

If he did it again, it simply lends more proof that he will share information when it suits him politically but not when it is the ethical and moral action to take.

Pete’s last point bears repeating:

Without the rats the members would still be in the dark.

The only way we know what goes on inside the den of thieves is when it is in someone’s political interest to tell us.

That’s what passes for IAFF transparency, a word ever on Edzo’s lips.

The Feds can help change that, let’s hope they do.

Pete Gorman is a longtime IAFF leader including president of New York Fire Officers Local 854 during and after September 11, 2001. He also served as Harold Schaitberger’s chief of staff until Schaitberger fired him because of his integrity, ethics and honesty.