IAFF Reform: Blood Money

Eric Lamar
2 min readOct 26, 2020

End Pay-to-Play and MDA Extortion

Are the candidates really serious about cleaning up the IAFF?

Harold Schaitberger and the executive board have sold the soul of our union.

That happened when they took poisonous revenue from fire/rescue manufacturers and began extorting millions from the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Those actions polluted our ethics and destroyed our ability to advocate for our most important concerns, the health and safety of our members.

Every dollar taken from manufacturers in the form of advertising, fees for exhibition space, etc., is an ever growing conflict of interest where the IAFF is positioned to engage in pulling punches when their job is to score a knockout to protect us.

Not satisfied to sell our safety and health down the road, they also began extorting millions of dollars from the Muscular Dystrophy Association as phony payments for IAFF expenses.

The great MDA rip-off has hopefully caught the attention of the FBI and other federal authorities.

Here’s what one MDA supporter wrote:

I have been a MDA client and volunteer for over 30 years and I am disgusted and heartbroken by these developments. I am trying to bring it to light because MDA is to blame as well — lining Schaitberger’s pocket with more money than they provided to research grants some years. Schaitberger is at fault, but MDA willingly went along with it and lied to clients, donors, and volunteers.

That’s right, the IAFF extortion interfered with essential research for a cure.

What kind of a union skims public money collected to help sick and dying children?

Answer: a union without a heart or soul.

Ask your preferred candidates if they will stop taking money from those we should be overseeing.

Ask them, too, if they will stop stealing from sick kids.

If they won’t stop these acts of corruption, they are faking reform and talking trash about cleaning up our union.

Taking blood money destroys the IAFF.