IAFF/FDNY: Twittered

  • “I’d say being relieved of their duties today makes it much more dignified than staying at work unvaccinated, prolonging the pandemic and risking others lives. Do your union members understand what a community really means? Public Health? They’ve just been lead down a rabbit hole”
  • “Vaccines have been available to y’all since the start of the year. The mandate should have happened months ago. Get over it or retire.”
  • “Nationwide — 2019–48 firefighters died in the line of duty. — 2020–140 firefighters died. 78 due to COVID. — 2021–114 firefighters died. 52 due to COVID. Get vaxxed and get back to work.”
  • “Rushing? RUSHING?!? Vaccines have been out since January, widely available to everyone since May. PROVEN to greatly reduce illness and especially hospitalization and death (by a factor of 12!). GET THE VACCINE! Quit making excuses that this is not about the vaccine.”
  • “Risking lives of the citizens”? Are you kidding? That’s exactly what YOU are doing!”
  • “Don’t trust FDNY with this behavior you are exhibiting. In uniform and nasty when asked to wear a mask and now this. Nope. Losing your credibility quickly.”



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Eric Lamar

Eric Lamar

Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor