IAFF-FC Sued: Pay-to-Play Alleged

Eric Lamar
2 min readMar 4, 2023


Former Employee Spills the (Boston) Beans

A Paper Airplane

For those not in the know, the International Association of Fire Fighters Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) is not, well, a financial corporation.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

It is an empty shell used by the IAFF to create agreements with entities offering insurance and securities products to IAFF members.

These providers fork over a fee and in return they get access to IAFF members and their families.

Your personal information is auctioned off to the highest bidder willing to play the game.

If you have labored under the impression that the IAFF-FC was somehow a special deal for IAFF members, well, silly you.

It’s just another way to line the pockets of the toads at the top.

The IAFF-FC is to a financial corporation as a paper airplane is to a B787.

Enter John F. Hughes

John F. Hughes, a Harvard educated financial professional, was brought to the IAFF by board member Jay Colbert to apparently add a dash of substance to the massive fluff.

Hughes was to oversee the creation of a “Wealth Management Initiative” which entailed the offering of managed portfolios to members seeking increased returns.

Poor Mr. Hughes, he apparently came on board not knowing that the IAFF is the union which steals from dying children and where ripping off union members and trolling for a vig from vendors is the order of the day, every day.

Hughes pushed back against the demand, apparently from IAFF-FC Director Kurt Becker, to make the paying of a “commission” to the IAFF a priority when selecting companies.

It’s the same old IAFF script: ethical professional joins IAFF to help out members but winds up fired and smelling of raw sewage instead.

Among others, Hughes is suing Becker and the IAFF-FC for wrongful termination in Federal Court.

Much more to follow.