IAFF-FC: Fairfax’s White Says “Rats”

Eric Lamar
3 min readMar 7


And “Sensationalism” too

Stephanie White of IAFF Local 2068, the Fairfax County, Virginia, Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics, had this to say regarding the pending lawsuit concerning the IAFF-FC:

Me thinks there’s a lot more to this story…it’s always interesting anytime there’s lawyers involved, and people can’t speak up for themselves: they’re left to the mercy of….sensationalism and rats.

She’s just plain wrong for a number of reasons.

First, John Hughes, the terminated IAFF employee and finance professional who was hired to create the Wealth Management Initiative has spoken up very loudly, in United States Federal Court, no less.

Ed Kelly is keeping quiet probably hoping that an eventual settlement of the case will include an agreement not to disclose culpability though that cat seems to be quite out of the bag already.

He’s withholding the truth from the membership in just the same way they are hiding the multi-million dollar investigative report of other financial misdoings.

Since the truth is an absolute defense and the Hughes Complaint is publicly available, Kelly should address the specifics directly.

And with the IAFF Legislative Conference underway right now In Washington, D.C. he should take to the stage and do just that.


Of course, a compelling reason to hide behind the lawyers would be if Hughes was truthfully stating the facts.

As to White’s claim of “sensationalism”, filing claims in the Federal Court system for sensational or otherwise frivolous impact is subject to serious sanctions.

Besides, for anyone familiar with how the IAFF works, the Hughes brief reads like a much used and dog-eared book; and the ring of truth it has.

She also says we are at the mercy of “rats.”

My, my, “rats” is a word smack dab out of the Schaitberger/Kelly playbook. It’s used by them to describe anyone willing to be open about the cesspool which is the IAFF leadership.

Alas and sorry to disappoint Ms. White; the Hughes lawsuit obviates the need for leakers, the facts are right there in black and white, nineteen pages of them.

Finally, Ms. White says “there is a lot more to this story”, since she is located in the Fourth IAFF district, perhaps she could contact IAFF vice president Andy Pantelis for additional details and pass them on to us.


Remember: The truth is an absolute defense.