IAFF: Edzo Pulls a Schaitberger

Eric Lamar
2 min readFeb 26, 2024


The best labor president since FDR

Sorry, Joe, but the heat is too much.

It’s been months since NBC News pointed out the IAFF, President Biden’s key supporter in his 2020 election victory, was now sitting on the election sidelines.

Biden had gone to Philadelphia to showcase his delivery of $22.4 million to fund 72 firefighter positions in the city.

On hand was Ed “Edzo” Kelly, IAFF president, Lori Moore-Merrell, a longtime IAFF employee and current head of the U.S. Fire Administration, and Mike Bresnan, Local 22’s leader.

Edzo lauded Biden for the president’s knowledge about, and support of, firefighters.

Bresnan similarly said that, “Biden and his administration has been good to firefighters.”

Despite Bresnan’s admission, Local 22 supported Donald Trump in 2020.

Edzo, and former IAFF presidents including Harold Schaitberger, have often said, “We stand with those who stand with us.”

What they should add to that sentence is “when it suits us.”

Schaitberger reneged on his promise to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, abandoning her at the altar; IAFF leaders sat on their hands like the cowards they are.

Now, here we go again as Edzo and the weasley board protect their gravy train by sitting out yet another election.

Joe Biden walked a picket line with striking union members; only Franklin Roosevelt is in the same category where supporting unions is concerned.

Biden has been a rock-solid supporter of firefighters but that’s apparently not enough as Edzo and the gang pee their pants in terror.

Wouldn’t want to be on a hoseline with that crew.