IAFF: 3 Women Walk Into an Office

Eric Lamar
3 min readOct 1, 2023

Kelly, Lima, Becker and Workplace Harassment

When Edzo and Frankie blew up the airwaves last week it may have been to distract the members from asking why Kurt Becker left the IAFF so swiftly.

Team Edzo-Frankie

If so, it didn’t work.

Braden Frame, an announced candidate for IAFF president, says that it is more likely than not that workplace harassment is one of the reasons why Team Edzo-Frankie are covering up Becker’s departure.

Frame terms Becker’s disappearance as a “de facto termination.”


One source says that three IAFF-FC employees walked into Kelly’s office and told him they would go public with their complaints if Becker was not removed.

(Given the charges that Kelly is a part-time president some would say the big surprise was that he was there to receive them.)

Another source says, “Just a few days prior to Becker resigning the rumors were swirling at the Fallen FF’s Memorial Service that Becker had three recent complaints against him from three different woman at the FC (that he hired).”

They went on to say, “With the GP [Kelly] having similar complaints from females/Elizabeth and up for re-election he finally has to cut his losses on what he thought was a genius...”

And, “The membership or the employee group has not seen any official notification on Becker leaving and or why he left.”

Since Team Edzo-Frankie went all out last week to bat down the SEC allegations and to disparage former IAFF-FC employee Jack Hughes as well as Braden Frame, we have every right to expect that this week they will do the same regarding the Becker harassment allegations.

If they do not, they are either tacitly admitting the allegations have merit or are hanging Becker out to dry, or both.

Selective outrage won’t cut it.

So let’s all wait this week for the letter and video from Team Edzo-Frankie disclaiming any knowledge of the foregoing while reminding us of how precious the IAFF-FC really is.

We also have every right to expect that the IAFF-FC Independent Board will either refute the allegations or go on record expressing their views on workplace harassment.

The Independent Board members:

Jake Lemonda

Travis Chipman

Jeff Buddle

Steve Stein

Darrell Roberts

Jim McDade

Rocco Salvatori

Finally, if I were in the position of the apparently harassed employees, I would run (not walk) to engage a competent attorney and have that attorney guide me through the filing of a formal complaint using the IAFF policy. Having shown the courage to fight back against harassment they are now on Kelly’s radar screen and he shows no mercy to his enemies. You have been forewarned.

Edzo-Frankie, show us what you got.

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