FDNY/Covid: 25 Fired

Eric Lamar
1 min readFeb 15, 2022


But others await exemption decisions

News outlets report that the de Blasio/Adams Covid 19 vaccine mandate has resulted in the dismissal of over 1,400 city workers including twenty-five firefighters.

That works out to .001% of the total FDNY workforce of some 17,000.

The mandate allowed exceptions for medical and religious reasons and hundreds of employees are awaiting results of those applications for exemptions.

The rationale for medical exemption includes a history of severe allergic reaction or certain ongoing treatments such as stem cell transplant and the religious exemption would require proof of prior refusal of other vaccines.

The IAFF put up significant resistance to the mandate, filing legal actions, holding press conferences, participating in rallies and marches for what turned out to be a tiny majority of members.

It’s nice to know the IAFF cares about minorities.

You just have to be the right ones, apparently.