Can I Watch?

A Good Christian Marriage

The GOP Convention was interrupted by news that Jerry Falwell, uber Trump supporter and Evangelical Christian, looked on as the pool boy banged his wife.

Did he pleasure himself, I wonder?

These are the people who want to tell us how to live our lives, whom to marry, what to believe.

Liberty University, where Falwell is president, is moving to shit-can him, but why all the fuss?

Trump, their fuhrer, loves some nasty shagging, especially with prostitutes to whom he eventually pays hush money.

“Conservatives” ARE Trump, Falwell and their followers who use Christianity to accumulate power and wealth and who are, as we say in West Virginia, hornier than a three-dick dog.

They are free to fulfill their sexual desires but you dare not.

This all makes me feel somewhat sorry for old Senator Graham, bachelor extraordinaire, who must continually deny his queerness while his “straight” mates spread their DNA hither and yon.

Who knows, perhaps Falwell is also enamored with the cut of the pool boy’s jib but figures this is as close as he can get to some real action.

Maybe Jerry prayed over his wife and the hired help, one hand holding a bible and the other, well, you get the idea.

These people and their supporters have destroyed the party of Theodore Roosevelt and the dignity of spiritual power with a single stroke, pun intended.

Con artists and swindlers have more integrity.




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Eric Lamar

Eric Lamar

Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor