Blood Money: We Asked

What will the candidates say?

IAFF Headquarters

For twenty years Harold Schaitberger and the IAFF executive board dodged accountability.

The result is our union in financial distress and under investigation by the FBI, Department of Labor, IRS and the U.S. Attorney.

With both officer positions up for grabs, various candidates are pledging a new day with openness and transparency.

What better way to test their commitment than to ask their views on the IAFF taking money from fire/rescue manufacturers and extorting money from MDA?

The following query was sent to all the candidates:


It’s becoming quite clear that IAFF members are genuinely interested in real ethical reform.

I will be writing more about these issues and ask for your help in answering two brief questions.

If elected, would you commit to stop taking money from fire/rescue equipment and related manufacturers?

Would you also stop extorting money from MDA?

I will include information about your responses or lack thereof.

Thank you in advance.

Jake Lemonda has already replied and others have said they will.

Stay tuned for what they have to say about an issue central to an honest and ethical IAFF.

Clean up our union!



Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor

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