Accountability and Leadership

Peter Navarro, another trump bitch boy, took to the airwaves yesterday to blast the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for their Covid-19 efforts.

This is the favorite course in trump’s playbook, pick someone to blame while rejecting all responsibility.

In fact, trump, in office for 3 1/2 years, said he is not responsible.

trump has repeatedly attempted to cut about $400M from the CDC budget and even after the cuts were restored, their budget has been flat.

Can you really fault an agency you seek to destroy?

Under trump, the answer is yes.

And, trump supporters are complicit in his evil.


First, they operate from a perspective of fear and “us against them.” Anyone they perceive as different is to be cause for concern; different is bad.

Second, trump and many of his supporters are passionately racist, trump hides his racism with attempts at clever language and praise for white supremacists; but it plainly is what it is.

The preferred religion of trump supporters is evangelical Christianity and many of those leaders have expressed fervent and unqualified praise for trump, even seeing him as “God’s messenger.”

Speaking of religion, Navarro and trump followers have all sold their soul to the falsest of prophets, a man without a single laudable human trait.

Disdain for trump is not political, it is a revulsion based on defense of the values which hold our democracy together.



Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor

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