A Leader, a Cult and His Followers

Yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre, when Jim Jones, reverend, rapist and killer, engineered the murders of over 900 people by forced suicide and gunfire, including U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan.

It happened in Guyana where Jones had fled with his followers.

As soon as 1 December.

From the Chief Leader:

New York Uniformed Firefighters president Andy Ansbro says, “We are being honest with them about where this is going. The days of holding out and thinking this might have a positive outcome are closing. …

“A long, bloody traffic accident in the jungle.”

November 14–19, 1965

Today is the 56th anniversary of the commencement of the Ia Drang engagement in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam.

Ia Drang was one of the few set piece engagements of the war, extending over five days and centered…

Is a non-vaccinated firefighter or paramedic sickened or dying of Covid-19 eligible for employer coverage?

Jack Nyce, 46 and with 17 years on the department, died last Saturday, about four days after testing positive for Covid.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “ [He] was placed on leave for missing the…

Special for a Day at Arlington National Cemetery

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Centennial Commemoration Public Flower Ceremony, a two-day event, will be free and open to the public and will allow visitors to personally pay their respects to the Unknown Soldiers. This is a rare opportunity for the…

UFOA Paints a Grim Picture

IAFF Local 854, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York (UFOA), has no good news for its members.

They speak of the “current situation” taking “many unexpected turns” though events have been entirely predictable: any mandate compliance deal on the table is becoming less attractive by the minute.


15 other unions reach a settlement with NYC

NYC municipal unions representing 95,000 employees cut a deal with the City to come into line with the Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Neither FDNY union, IAFF’s 854 or 94, are among them.

Paint roller in hand and the corner getting ever smaller, 854’s…

Eight Reported Dead, Hundreds Injured

The Astroworld festival event is now added to the list of preventable crowd crush incidents.

It happened last night around 9:30PM when a crowd of some 50,000 surged toward the front of the stage.

Crowd crush events are too common.

In April of this year…

Warning: Stop here if you hate reading about Long Island Volunteers.

It’s ironic that Ed Kelly, president of the IAFF, has our union on a Kamikaze mission for thousands of the least trade-union-minded firefighters in the U.S.


Just months ago, the leadership of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association, Local 94…

Eric Lamar

Firefighter, DC City Guide and Part-Time Sailor

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